COVID Updates


The following is an update for our seniors and volunteers.

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we are implementing the following safeguards to protect our senior clients as well as our volunteers.  

We are utilizing a no-contact delivery protocol.  We have asked volunteers to place meals in bags to cut down on the passing of germs.  Volunteers should place meals in a bag, knock on the door or ring the doorbell, and hang the meals on a handle at the door.  Please wait at a safe distance for the senior to open the door.  Volunteers should call clients that have difficulty in getting to the door right away, to let them know your are on the way.  As for seniors that cannot come to the door, we would like to leave meals hanging inside of the door, but we can discuss that case by case. We have disposable gloves and plastic bags available for volunteers.

While this pandemic is ever-changing, we will continue to assess the situation daily and ensure that we are following all suggested protocols while guaranteeing the homebound in our community remain safe, healthy and fed.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please call us at 828-253-5286.

*Stay Informed About COVID-19 –

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