Santa For Seniors


Want to help?

Our goal is to collect 400 gifts boxes or bags filled with holiday goodies and presents.  It's easy...just prepare a gift box or a gift bag and designate it for a man or a woman.  The Dollar Tree is a great place to get plastic tupperware like boxes (about the size of a shoe box) or gifts bags for $1.00! 

Please try to get your gifts to us by December 10th. You can bring them to us at 146 Victoria Road.  If you have any questions, call us at 253-5286.  Thank you for helping make the holidays special for our seniors!

Gift Ideas

  • Personal Care Items: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, aftershave/cologne, deodorant, soap, comb, brush, hand sanitizer, tissue.
  • Keep Warm Items: socks, hasantats, gloves, scarves.
  • Organizational Items:  calendars, note cards, magnetic notepads, address book, stamps, pens, pencils.
  • Fun Items:  large print word search books, crossword puzzles, playing cards, small jigsaw puzzles.
  • Food Items: single serve tea bags, coffee mugs, hot chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter or cheese snack crackers.
  • Other Items: small picture frame, umbrella, batteries, rain bonnet, small flashlight and batteries, magnifying glass.



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